What does it mean to be an inclusive church?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH? ARE GAYS WELCOME AT CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, CHELMSFORD? A presentation given by Paul Beasley-Murray 14 April 2013 Where do we stand as a church on ‘inclusivity’? I believe that as a church we need to give some hard thought to our ...

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A Place to Belong (Editorial)

A Place to Belong Ministry Today 54 (Spring 2012) 3-4 Over the years I have experimented with a variety of ‘strap lines’ for our church in Chelmsford. At one stage, for instance, stated on church publicity were the words, Central Baptist Church – going Christ’s way and making disciples. Perhaps ...

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A Short Two-Week Lectionary for Ministers

A retreat LECTIONARY Every visit I have made to Sheldon has proved to be a stimulating and energising experience. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity stand back from the pressures of ministry, and as a result gain a new perspective on how God would have me live for Him. Sheldon ...

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Treasure in Clay Pots

Treasure in Clay Pots Ministry Today 54 (Spring 2012) 5-10 This sermon was preached at Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford, in July 2011 at a service of infant dedication. Geoff and Amanda, I wonder, what kind of parties your Zachary will be into in future years? Our children have particularly liked ...

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The cost of weddings

• • • The cost of weddings Published in Ministry Today 52 (Summer 52) Weddings are becoming increasingly expensive. The other day I Googled and discovered that the cost of the average UK wedding is now over £20,000. The most expensive item is the wedding reception - averages £7,724 • ...

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Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty

Leadership at a time of uncertainty Ministry Today: Issue 51 (March 2011) As I write, I find myself in a dilemma: should I be encouraging my people to get involved in another building project? Ten years ago I led my church through a massive redevelopment of our premises, which cost ...

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Let’s Not Be Afraid To Learn Lessons From New Zealand!

Let’s Not Be Afraid To Learn Lessons From New Zealand! Ministry Today: Issue 53 (November 2011) I love New Zealand. It is a wonderful country – blessed not just by great scenery, but also by great people. A year ago, I was privileged to pay my fourth visit, and yet ...

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Let’s Give To Jesus & His Church

Let’s Give To Jesus & His Church Ministry Today: Issue 53 (November 2011) To love Jesus is to love his bride “Christ loved the church and gave his life for it” wrote the Apostle Paul. Indeed, Jesus loved the church so much that Paul went so far as to describe ...

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How Do We Care For Seniors?

How do we care for Seniors? Ministry Today: Issue 51 (March 2011) Once a term I meet on a Sunday afternoon with the thirty or so people in our church responsible for pastoral care. We always focus on a relevant topic - sometimes I invite an outside speaker, but mostly ...

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Churches Need Leaders

CHURCHES NEED LEADERS! A RESPONSE TO TED HALE’S ARTICLE IN THE Baptist Times 11 March 2011: ‘Ministry and leadership: the two are not the same – and the leadership cult is deeply un-Baptist’ An excerpt published in Baptist Times 1 April 2011 I was – and still am – „gob-smacked‟. ...

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Who’s Paul Beasley-Murray?

Paul is the chairman of Ministry Today, as also the College of Baptist Ministers, and from 1993 – 2014 was Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford. He can be contacted at

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