Matthew 1:18-25 - Virgins don’t have babies? Not normally, but…

MATT 1.18-25: ‘VIRGINS DON’T HAVE BABIES!’ [Chelmsford 13 December 2013] Newly married – and yet no sex! Today most people live together before they get married, whereas Mary and Joseph were in the eyes of the law ‘married’ but not living together. How come? To our way of thinking it ...

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Acts 2:41-47 - Church is boring? Not necessarily so!

Acts 2.43-47 ACTS 2.43-47: CHURCH IS NOT BORING! [Chelmsford 24 November 2013] Church is boring! According to TV entertainer Noel Edmunds: "The church is the dullest experience that we have in this country". And to be fair, in many cases he is right! There is a wonderful story of a ...

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1 Corinthians 15:20 - Death is not the end

1 COR 15.20-22: DEATH IS NOT THE END! [Chelmsford 4 November 2013] Is death the end? Yes, say today’s modern atheists. •To quote Richard Dawkins: “Be thankful that you have a life, and forsake your vain and presumptuous desire for a second one.” •Similarly wheel-chair bound scientist Stephen Hawking has ...

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1 Corinthians 15 - Preparing for death

PREPARING FOR DEATH Chelmsford Word Alive 3 November 2013 "I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go", Pope John XXIII is reputed to have said. It's a quotation I've used time and again at funeral services to underline the point that all of us need to prepare for death. ...

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Mark 2:1-12 - Jesus was not just a good man!

MARK 2.1-12: JESUS WAS NOT JUST A GOOD MAN! [Chelmsford 13/10/2013] Suppose you were unwell and went to see your doctor. And suppose that the doctor, instead of writing a prescription, turned to you and said, ‘Your sins are forgiven!’. What would you do? Complain to the surgery? Report him ...

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John 14:6 - All religions lead to God? No, Jesus is the only true and living way

[John 14.6] JOHN 14.6: ALL RELIGIONS LEAD TO GOD? NO, JESUS IS THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING WAY! [Chelmsford 21/09/13] The world into which Hope and Luc have been born is a very different world from the world into which I and many others here were born. When I was ...

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1 Timothy 6:11-12 - A Baptismal Charge

1 TIM 6.11-12: A BAPTISMAL CHARGE [Chelmsford 8 September 2013 – Scriptures: Mark 8.34-38 & 1 Tim 6.7-14] According to one American wit, the reason why more twins are being born than ever before is that today children lack the courage to come into the world alone! Amber, by contrast, ...

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Romans 1:16 - A Church Passionate for Others

LET’S BE EAGER TO TELL OTHERS OF JESUS VISION SUNDAY: A CHURCH PASSIONATE FOR OTHERS (Rom 1.15,16) Central Baptist Church, Sunday morning 1 September 2013 1. Like every parent, I am proud of my children And like every grandparent, I am even more proud of my grandchildren: Jemima and Raphael, ...

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Mark 6:31 - God says take a break

Mark 6.31: "LET'S TAKE A BREAK" [Chelmsford 28 July 2013] For many this weekend is the beginning of the summer holidays. Schools have finished - families are packing their buckets and spades. OK, some of you are hanging on for Holiday Club, but then, it’s ‘up and away’. That will ...

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1 Corinthians 15:42-44 - We shall all be changed!

1 COR 15.42-48: WE SHALL ALL BE CHANGED! [Chelmsford 7 July 2013] Down through the centuries Christians have asked themselves the question: ‘What happens when our loved ones die? What is life now like for them?’ Some of the questions Christians have asked have actually been very specific: e.g.: How ...

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