A Wedding Prayer for Jonathan & Fiona

A prayer given on the occasion of Jonathan’s marriage to Fiona Harrington.

Father God, on this happy day we come to seek a threefold blessing.

  1. Bless Jonathan and Fiona as today they publicly commit themselves to one another – we thank you for the new love have found. In all the ups and downs of life keep them strong, and give them much joy in their life together.
  2. We come too to seek your blessing upon young David Aneurin – we thank you for all the joy that he has already brought. Give Jonathan and Fiona all the patience, wisdom and love as they seek to care.
  3. We pray too your blessing upon Theo and Sophie – we delight to see them sharing in the joy of their mother today. At this time of transition may they find security in the love that Jonathan and Fiona have both for them as also for one another.

So bless this family – be with them as they journey through life – and as they journey may they know your loving presence.