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To encourage you 18th September, 2016 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral 18 September 2016 Imagine you are a Christian, living in some remote part of the world, with no contact with the wider world – there are no phones, no e-mails, not even a postal service. To make matters worse, you are going through a rough time as a Christian Read more »
God pleads with his people 21st August, 2016 - Breakfast with the Bible 21 August 2016, a sermon on Isaiah 48. Children, it has been said, begin as a head-ache and end up as a heart-ache. Yes it is tough being a parent – here I have in mind not the sleepless nights induced by a crying baby, but the sleepless nights caused by Read more »
The God who Surprises 14th August, 2016 - Breakfast with the Bible 14 August 2016, a sermon on Isaiah 45:1-19. God is about to act The cities of Judah were in ruins, the temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed. The leaders of Judah together with a major segment of the nation had been taken into exile in Babylon. It was a time of Read more »
Jesus the Servant 3rd July, 2016 - A sermon preached at Christchurch URC, Chelmsford. When I was a pastor of a local church, I tended to preach a series of sermons on a particular theme or on a particular passage of the Bible. But today I am a visiting preacher and so I was faced with the challenge of what to preach Read more »
The new righteousness 14th June, 2016 - A sermon preached to Chelmsford Cathedral Fellowship Group. Context: The context for the ‘antitheses; is provided by the previous section where Jesus has been talking about the Law and the Prophets (Matt 5.17-20) which ends with the words: “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of Read more »

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