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The Tenth Plague 9th April, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral, Palm Sunday (9th April 2017). THE EVENT: THE DEATH OF THE FIRST-BORN Preparation for the Passover (12.21-28) This morning’s study begins with the build-up to the event. Moses tells the people of Israel to select their lambs. The verse which caught my attention is 12.22: “Take a bunch of Read more »
Remember Jesus 9th April, 2017 - A sermon preached at Great Notley, Palm Sunday 9 April 2017 Every Sunday we come to remember Jesus. But this Sunday morning as we break bread and drink wine we come to remember Jesus, who loved us and gave himself for us. Jesus, who in the words of one of the lectionary readings for the Read more »
The Passover 2nd April, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral: 2 April 2017 “Liturgy precedes the liberative event” says Terence Fretheim of this chapter. The Book of Exodus is in the process of telling the exciting story of how God forced the hand of Pharaoh to let his people go, when all of a sudden the story is put Read more »
The providence of God: God at work in our world 12th March, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible: Chelmsford Cathedral 12 March 2017 Providence is the story of God at work for good. This morning I want us to look at the story of Moses’ early years through the lens of God’s providence. Interestingly in the first two chapters of Exodus God scarcely receives a mention: Ex 1.20: "God Read more »
Let us be concerned for our brother and sister ministers 9th March, 2017 - An exposition of Hebrews 10:24-25, given at Ministry Today UK Communion Service, Pleshey on 9th March, 2017. Years ago, when I was a teenager, I was briefly into photography. I had an uncle who had a ‘dark room’ and he taught me how to develop my own black and white photographs. He also showed me how Read more »

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