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Two parables encouraging us to pray (Luke 11.5-8 and 18.1-8) 30th July, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral (30th July 2017). Before we look at these two parables, we need to listen to some general teaching of Jesus on prayer which follows the parable of the friend at midnight: “Ask, and it will be given to you, search and you will find; knock and the door will Read more »
The challenge to do (Luke 10.25-37) 23rd July, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral (23rd July 2017). 1. SAMARITANS BE DAMNED! ‘Samaritans be damned!’ summed up the attitude of most Jews to Samaritans. The Samaritans were regarded as half-breeds, traitors to the Jewish race. The roots of this bitterness went back to the return of Jews from exile in 539 BC. Almost a Read more »
Preaching Good News evokes a mixed response 21st May, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral (21st May 2017). As our passage for this morning – as also the New Testament in general - shows, the preaching of good news always evokes a mixed response.  People are won to Christ – but many are resistant to Christ. William Larkin: “As in physics every action spawns Read more »
Breakfast with the Bible: Acts 12:20-13:12 14th May, 2017 - CHELMSFORD CATHEDRAL: 14 MAY 2017 – led by Paul Beasley-Murray 12.20-25:  THE DEATH OF HEROD Herod Agrippa I was at the very zenith of his power. Not only had Rome granted him rule over as a great a territory as his grandfather Herod the Great ruled, but he could force self-governing cities adjacent to his Read more »
The Tenth Plague 9th April, 2017 - Breakfast with the Bible, Chelmsford Cathedral, Palm Sunday (9th April 2017). THE EVENT: THE DEATH OF THE FIRST-BORN Preparation for the Passover (12.21-28) This morning’s study begins with the build-up to the event. Moses tells the people of Israel to select their lambs. The verse which caught my attention is 12.22: “Take a bunch of Read more »

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