Acts 2:46; Revelation 19:5 - Let's celebrate

LET’S CELEBRATE: A SERMON PREACHED ON 16 MARCH 2014 AT PAUL BEASLEY-MURRAY’S LAST COMMUNION SERVICE AS SENIOR MINISTER OF CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, CHELMSFORD I love parties – and I am so glad you have put on a church party on this last Sunday. So why end this party with communion? ...

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Romans 15:13 - A threefold blessing

ROM 15.13: A THREEFOLD BLESSING [Chelmsford 2 March 2014] Today I preach my last sermon as pastor of Central Baptist Church Next Sunday afternoon my friend Nick Mercer preaches me out And the following Sunday the church wants to give me a surprise So this is the final Sunday as ...

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Luke 10:25-37 - The challenge to "do"

SAMARITANS BE DAMNED! LUKE 10.25-37: THE CHALLENGE TO ‘DO’ Chelmsford 2 February 2014 1. ‘Samaritans be damned!’ summed up the attitude of most Jews to Samaritans. The Samaritans were regarded as half-breeds, traitors to the Jewish race. The roots of this bitterness went back to the return of Jews from ...

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Luke 9:57-62 - Follow me

(Lk 9.57-62) LUKE 9.57-62: FOLLOW ME [Chelmsford 26 January 2014] This morning we have had the great joy of seeing three families bring their children for a service of dedication. For people who are not familiar with Baptist churches, it may seem a little strange that we have not baptized ...

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Luke 10:38-42 - Just one thing is needful

Luke 10.38-42: JUST ONE THING IS NEEDFUL [Chelmsford 5 Jan 2014] MARY AND MARTHA Over the years I have become something of a regular at the Sheldon centre, a retreat centre for ministers, on the eastern edge of the Dartmoor National Park. It’s a beautiful place. I have never known ...

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Philippians 3:13 - Forget the past - focus on the future

PHIL 3.13: FORGET THE PAST AND FOCUS ON THE FUTURE [Chelmsford New Year’s Eve 2013] It is not often that I am given a text just for me, But recently I received an email from Nicholas Tuohy, a much loved former associate minister now pastor of a church in Melbourne, ...

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2 Timothy 2:15 - God can be trusted

THE PREACHER’CHALLENGE Every time I sit at my desk, I am challenged by a text displayed on a wooden stand which I brought for myself on one of my trips to the USA - “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly ...

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Galatians 4:4-5 - God’s timing

GAL 4.4, 5: GOD’S TIMING – OR GOD WELL AND TRULY SURPASSED DELIA! (Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford: Christmas Day 2013) WHEN THE RIGHT TIME CAME...... How long does it take to boil an egg? According to one woman, it takes all the time you need to sing the three verses ...

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Put Christ back into Christmas

PUT CHRIST BACK INTO XMAS [Carols by Candlelight, Chelmsford 2013] The other day I visited an American atheist web-site on which Christmas was featured. To my absolute amazement I read: “There is nothing odd or difficult about having a Christmas without Christ or God.... Jesus is not the reason for ...

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John 1:14 - Jesus the Word

JOHN 1.14: THE WORD BECAME FLESH – AND WE SAW HIS GLORY! BIRTH IS A MESSY, PAINFUL AFFAIR Birth for the most part is a messy, painful, traumatic experience – hence the reason for midwives in the past shooing husbands out of the room. I know, for I have had ...

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Who’s Paul Beasley-Murray?

Paul is the chairman of Ministry Today, as also the College of Baptist Ministers, and from 1993 – 2014 was Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford. He can be contacted at

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